The summer countdown continues!  We love to play tic-tac-toe in my class and here is a picture of our math review.  I found pink and blue magnets at Wal-Mart last year, which makes it easy for girls versus boys (I have 6 girls and 7 boys in my class this year, making teams as close to equal as I can get!).
tic-tac-toe review game

Hopefully you can find a way to use this in your class.
I'm uploading pictures of a short vowel activity that I prepared and used in one of my reading groups this week.  It's FREE on my TpT store this weekend.
I store the small cards in a snack baggie and place the snack baggie and large word family cards in a quart baggie.

The word family and letter cards, along with the recording sheet I required my children to complete.

one of my students working on her recording sheet

Making new words!

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