Math: 10 More, 10 Less, 100 More, and 100 Less

We are working hard through our number sense unit this month. We have covered rounding, comparing numbers, and using base ten blocks through the thousands. This week we are working on 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, and 100 less up to 999.

Yesterday we began with 10 more and 10 less using a hundreds chart. We started with two digits numbers and then moved to three digit numbers. This mini unit has a set of task cards with recording page and 7 printables. If you aren't sure about purchasing the unit, download this one page freebie which is similar to what is in the packet.
This will finish up our number sense unit, just in time to take our second quarter math assessment and have a couple of fun math days before Christmas break!

1,000 Followers Announcement!

Some people think of Monday like this .....

Hopefully I can turn your Monday around!

Last week I reached 1,000 followers in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!
I wanted to thank YOU with a gift! We have been working on alphabetical order to the second and third letter in order to work on guide words, so I created this Christmas tree package sorting activity to practice. Included are 6 trees with presents to sort with the correct tree. I put 2 trees in a bag, making 3 centers. I have also included an alphabetical order cut, sort, glue printable, and a guide word cut, sort, glue printable in this freebie. Click here or on the center picture below to download!
One of my reading groups is working on my Rudolph reader this week.
And we are continuing to work on number sense in math. Today we began rounding. About half of my class "got it" in the first couple of numbers. Hopefully tomorrow we will have light bulbs going off everywhere! I have a rounding activity in my Christmas Place Value Unit, but I also created 2 sets of task cards and some printables in my Rounding to the Nearest Ten Unit.

I have 12 more school days until Christmas break! Here's to the countdown!

Christmas Math Centers

After two years of a first/second combination, I am back to teaching just one grade level - second! As much as I loved first grade, I love second, also. They become more independent and my class just loves read-to-self!

Tomorrow we begin our place value unit for the next three weeks, which puts us in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I had to make our task cards cutesy! 😃 Here's some of the things that we are going to be working on.

identifying the place value of a given digit

identify the value of a given digit

rounding 2 digit numbers to the nearest ten

identifying numbers larger than or smaller than a given number

greater than, less than, and equal to

10 more, 10 less, 100 more, 100 less

tens and ones

greater than, less than, or equal to
My students this year really benefit from getting up and moving around, especially since our math time is after recess and lunch. I try to have at least one activity a day to have them up and moving. Having these task cards with accompanying recording pages is going to be perfect!

This all comes from my Christmas Place Value Unit. It will be on sale on November 27 and 28 for the TpT Cyber Day Sale!

Click here or on the TpT sale picture to shop my store!

But wait! Need some extra activities to review rounding? Check out this new unit!

set #1 of rounding task cards

set #2 of rounding task cards

rounding printable

rounding printable
And a Cyber Monday freebie for you! Two activities similar to the place value task cards in the Christmas Place Value Unit for free! Click here or on any of the images to download the Christmas Place Value Freebie!
Included are 2 sets of task cards (one page from each is pictured below) with recording pages and answer keys.

I hope you have a great week back after Thanksgiving! Here's to the Christmas countdown!


Why do we rely on calendars?
I'm talking about missing a doctor's appointment, lunch date with a friend, or taking treats to your kid's school.
Whether your calendar looks like this ...

1st Grade Reading: Flat Stanley on Ice

Hi, friends!

My first graders just finished reading Flat Stanley on Ice. I just love Flat Stanley and was thrilled to find these books in the Scholastic orders!

Dictionary Skills

Last week I blogged on the Virginia is for Teachers site with some activities that my second graders are working on with dictionaries.

Second graders begin to use the dictionary to learn how to use guide words. Gulp. Sigh. And alphabetize to the second and third letter. This is such a hard skill, especially since first graders are only expected to alphabetize to the first letter. So since I have now taught a combination first/second class for two years, I have been able to expose my first graders to more challenging content and get them ready for next year by doing more alphabetical order.

Click on the image or here to read the whole post!
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