Our 100th Day!

It's here!  Even with missing 4 days since returning from Christmas break, we celebrated our 100th Day of school!
On Tuesday afternoon we started making our hats. Snow had started to fall (and stick!) and by the end of the day we had some trouble focusing ... until craft time started! I cut 2 inch strips of construction paper, wrote "I am 100 days smarter" on sentence strips, pulled out stickers, markers, and BINGO dabbers, and let the kids go! 

We finished the hats up today (missed school yesterday!) and wrote "I could eat 100 ______, but I couldn't eat 100 ______."

Our families sent in snacks.  The children picked out 10 sets of 10 of different snacks.
Our families also made posters and we had a little parade around the school this afternoon!
With one of special ed teachers, Leah, in our 100 Day shirts!
We also had 100 balloons brought to the school from our nearby Kroger for our celebration.  I have some fabulous pictures of the balloons being tossed in the air, but to protect all of our firsties, I am not including those pictures here.  They were so excited!
I am linking up with Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business for my 100 day celebration!
Have a great Friday!

Five for Friday {January 17}

TGIF!  I am linking up with Kacey for my Five for Friday!


We have had a busy week - we went to school all 5 days and didn't have any 2 hour delays!
Our science lessons are about winter and various animals.  Can't skip penguins!  A few of our favorite books:
Product Details

 and a few of our activities 

we continue to work on skip counting and counting backwards with number picture puzzles
Several of us from school have a Pinterest party about once every six weeks.  This was my turn to host, but since I live so far from the school, my friend Brittany opened up her home for us.  We made snowmen from bottle caps and coasters.  Can't have a party without some yummy food!

 Instructions for the bottle cap snowmen ...
... use nail art polish to draw buttons and a face on the inside of bottle caps
... hot glue gun the three bottle caps to a small piece of ribbon and then glue the bottle caps together to make it stable
... wrap a piece of ribbon around and glue it together to make it look like a scarf and glue a button on top; we attached a magnet to the back of the middle bottle cap to have on our refrigerators, but you can also loop ribbon on the top to make it into an ornament

I am having a Jamberry online party!  Here's my first attempt.  If you're interested, click here.

 Have a great weekend!

So Excited!

I am very excited!  One of my products is featured in Tabitha's latest video of winter freebies!  Tabitha is from Flapjack Educational Resources.

FlapJack Educational Resources
Tabitha is having a linky for winter freebies.  Be sure to check it out and link up!

Cold Day! (freebie alert)

Like so many of you, today was a day home ... and inside!  Tonight my prayers are with my husband, who is currently working the night shift in transport at our local hospitals, and his brother, who is trying to get home to his family in Indianapolis!
With my time home, I worked on two huge center units!  I finally decided I have had enough and am calling it quits for the night.  However, I do have a freebie from one of the units for you!
We have a two hour delay tomorrow morning, which complicates my reading plans, so this is what we are going to be doing when the children come in!  Click here or on one of the images to download your freebie!

Stay warm!

Happy New Year! - classroom organization and a freebie

Happy New Year!
I haven't blogged for a month -- oops!  :(
We arrived home last night from visiting Josh's family for 10 days - the longest we've been able to be with them!  Here are a few pictures from our trip.

snow at my in-laws
their street - we would NEVER have trash pick up with this kind of snow!

baking with my niece, Elle

with my wonderful sister-in-law, Jenny

at lunch on our last day in Indianapolis
I have worked this school year on reorganizing my units, which had been in open baskets in my room.  Then the dust set in and I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed!  So now, this is what things look like ...
Displaying photo.JPG
everything is labeled with a tag (I have an owl theme in my room) and placed in a container with a lid (these are the new ones coming to school with me tomorrow morning)
and here is how I store my stickers - they will go in my 2"sticker binder tomorrow morning

I have several new products that I want to share with you:

January Print & Go printables - there are 32 various math and literacy pages in this unit
January Print and Go! (first grade)

Marshmallow Words! is a fun way to practice spelling and reading CVC words and practice identifying short vowel sounds.  I am printing and laminating this now to have it ready for this next week! 
Follow me on Instagram (@learningisforsuperstars) to see this unit in action during the week!
Marshmallow Words!
I am so excited about these new units that I am going to give away 2 of EACH of them!  Directions: comment about how you like your hot cocoa and include your email and preference of unit by Tuesday evening, January 7!

And now for a freebie!  This I Spy activity reviews short vs long vowel sounds.  There are 5 activity boards and a recording page included!  Click on the image below or HERE!
Winter Vowels I SPY

Don't forget to comment to have a chance to win one of the units above!

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