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Happy summer! Check out my post on Virginia is for Teachers blog for fun music, perfect for your end of the year slide shows!

Classroom Library Update

I've just finished reading Game Changer by Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp. Wow. The book is packed full of ways to make books real and alive for your students ... how to update your classroom library ... finding newly published books to add to your library ... to finding ways to get books into the hands of your students and their families.
So check out these updates in not only my own classroom library, but also in my thinking about children and books.

Importance of School Attendance

We know as educators of the importance of school attendance. But what do your families know about it? For the last three years our school has had a school-wide push for attendance - not just being at school, but coming on time AND staying all day.

All tools can be downloaded and used without express permission from the Attendance Awareness Campaign. If you wish to alter the content of the handouts, please contact Attendance Works Associate Director Cecelia Leong at cecelia@attendanceworks.org. See the Attendance Works uses policy for more detail. Social Media Tools Download graphics and sample tweets and posts to share on your social [...]

Nonfiction Text Features

I haven't met a group of students who doesn't love to read animal books. National Geographic books are some of our favorites in the classroom library. And Fly Guy has a great selection, but the absolute best are from the Who Would Win? series. 

I believe that my students in particular love them so much because it gives them a chance to "see" even if they have never been to a zoo or aquarium. I've been trying as much as possible to link our reading to science and social studies units. This particular nonfiction reading was for us to work on text features. 

This little booklet is perfect to use with a variety of shark nonfiction reading, which you probably already have in your classroom. Use articles from World Book Online for Kids or your favorite Nat Geo book.
 A snap shot of the shark captions page - match up a caption to the correct photo.
 And a look at the diagram page - label the shark using the correct information.

What do you use to teach text features? I would love to hear about it!

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