summer school: days three and four

This week was days three and four of our summer school program.  Day four (Wednesday) was an adventure: the power was off at our school board office, which took down the internet across all schools.  We have 2 45-minute computer lab sessions each day!  Needless to say, I started to panic, trying to figure out quickly what we could do.  I am SO glad that I had worked on several addition and subtraction games, as well as organized them!  It was easy to grab the container and go!

Here's how we spent days three and four:

addition games

addition games

primer sight word activities

primer sight word Write the Room

subtraction games

subtraction coloring activity

subtraction scoops

I'm giving you one of the subtraction games, along with the subtraction coloring page!  Click here or on the picture below to grab yours!

Have a great day!

Classroom freebies

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I'm not here today!

I am a guest blogger for Andrea at Reading Toward the Stars!  Check out the post by clicking here.  Check back later in the week for more summer school updates!

Summer School: day two

My school is trying a new method to summer school this year.   Instead of Monday-Thursday mornings for 3 weeks (12 days), we are working on Mondays and Wednesday mornings for 6 weeks (still only 12 days).  The thought is that if we spread out the chances of learning, the children will retain more and will be ready for the next school year.

The 3 1/2 hour sessions include 2 computer lab sessions (one for reading and the other for math remediation sessions), as well as 2 classroom sessions, also for reading and math.  In my group of 10, 6 of these children have one-on-one sessions with a teacher for additional reading remediation.

With this said, the first day is always chaotic, but I needed some of the chaos to understand what my children needed to be ready for the beginning of second grade.  My focus is on sight words; the children are working on the primer and first grade word lists.  Here's some of the sight word stations I had set up yesterday.
building sight words using magnet letters; these are always a favorite and I need to get more letters!

seat work: graphing unit from Annie Moffatt

stamping sight words
Once I left Monday afternoon, I knew that the first grade sight word activities I had prepared specifically for summer school were going to be too hard for 3 or 4 of my students, so I frantically put together a primer unit with summer themes.   This theme has all 52 word cards, texting codes activity pages, "I have ... who has?" cards, 2 "I Spy" activities with recording pages, Write the Room cards with recording page, and a game perfect for a center.
And the first grade unit I created has first grade sight words and contains word cards, Write the Room with recording page, 2 "I Spy" activities with recording pages, texting codes printables, and a game perfect for a center.

For you, my loyal followers, I am giving away either the primer OR first grade word packet.  Share in the comments something you have done since school has finished, along with your word packet preference, and email address.  I am keeping this offer open until Friday evening.

oops! & a BIG freebie!

I've been MIA the last 2 weeks because of end of the year stuff which has kept me busy!  Here's a peek of what's been going on.....
candy awards

I made playdoh for our last 3 days of school

books and bookmarks for the kiddos

our sunglasses pictures for each kiddo to take home

thank you gift for one of my mom's

cleaning up

more clean up - thankfully that's all I have to take down!

program for the Year in Pictures on the last day of school
one of my sweet firsties

food brought in on the last day for the kiddos

my front yard: we've been having flooding issues in our basement; Josh & the neighbors dug this trench in the front yard yesterday so the rain had somewhere to go and NOT into the basement!

my new work space
It's been a little crazy around here!  While working on summer school plans, I created this first grade sight word activity.  The 30 page document has word cards for each word on the first grade list, task cards for Write the Room along with a recording page, two "I Spy" activities with recording page, texting code activity, and a game.  I printed several sets of the game board and pieces to have multiple groups playing at one time. 

Over the weekend I hit 300 followers on my blog and 100 on Facebook!

To celebrate, I'm giving away the sight word unit!  Click here or on the image below to get your FREE unit!

I hope you enjoy!  Have a great day!
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