Manic Monday - Math Monday

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This math freebie is linked to my scribd account - click {here} to get it.  [Note: I have uploaded it to my TPT store, but there is a fee there.]  This math packet is all about sequencing numbers - decide which number is before, after, or between.  It includes sets from 0-50.

Check out my add with pictures mini-packet.  Click {here} for the preview on TPT, as well as to purchase.  The 10 slides include pictures (all by The 3AM Teacher!), in which the children will practice writing an addition sentence and solve the problem.

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I have worked on our first math unit (numbers 0-12) and am sharing it with you!

We use the enVision math series.  Most days I include a couple of Smart Board slides to review the lesson before giving the children an activity to complete on their own.  That evening I glance through their work to see how they did; the questions they struggled with become my math review questions on the board the next day ("daily spiral review") before beginning the next lesson.  

The first part I am giving to you are the Smart Board activities.  They are organized by lesson and match the instruction with similar graphics.  Click {here} to get this freebie!

identify numbers 0-5

identify numbers 6-10 using a five frame

identify numbers 9-12 using a ten frame

identify numbers

problem solving

After my lesson and the review on the Smart Board, I have a short seatwork activity.  Click {here} to get these activities.

practice writing numbers 0-9 on handwriting lines

identify how many (0-5)

problem solving

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Math Review Activities

Since I have been teaching summer school, I have been reminded of what activities I need to create and have ready for the beginning of the year.  The activities in this post are all for math, but perhaps the best news is that I am giving these to you ... for free!

organizing the cards in binders
Earlier this week I posted about classroom organization.  Click {here} to read about my ideas.  I have printed all of the following activities out on cardstock, slid into page protectors, and they are placed in a three-ring binder.  These activities are a great idea for one-on-one or small group, perhaps with a paraprofessional.

This first activity is an addition review using pictures and requires the children to write an addition sentence before they solve.  Click {here} to get the addition freebie.

The next activity is a more or fewer activity.  Click {here} to get this freebie!

 My next freebie has children count how many pictures there are on each page and write the number on a dry erase board.  This helps them practice associating a written numeral to an image.  Click {here} for this freebie!

I hope you enjoy these activities, but more importantly, are able to use these in your classroom!

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Sight Words

This week has been all about sight words in summer school.  Each child has a library pocket in their notebook with the 5-10 words he is working on.  Everyone's words are different based on how they did on the pretest.

This kiddo is building his new words using magnet letters - on the AC unit!

These next pictures are all with the same kiddo - these are his new words (he had 5+ stars on each of his last cards, so I wrote the next 5 for him).  He is building the words with letters ...

 ... he then read each word back to me and got them correct ...
 ... I wrote the words into his notebook and he's finding the correct stamp to build the words again.
This kiddo is doing rainbow words - each letter in the word has a different color; he then is going back to draw a picture to go with the word.  For has, he drew a picture of something that he "has in his hand."  I thought it was great - most kids would skip that word.

I tried to create as many sentences out of these words as possible and wrote them on sentence strips so we could play "Slap!"  I call out a word and the first (two teams) to slap the word with a fly swatter gets a point.  They are quickly scanning the sentences to find the word, but whispering the other words to themselves!

I am pleased with the progress they have made in just a few days.  Sometimes it is hard to see much growth in eight days (and during the summer!), but this group of kids is working hard!

I hope you get some new ideas on sight word reinforcement!



Classroom Organization Linky Party

We all know the importance of being organized in our classrooms and everyone's idea of organized is a little different, but it works for YOU! I've taken some pictures of how I stay organized in my classroom. 

This first picture is of some of my bookcases. These books are the ones that I have carefully, thoughtfully, and purposefully purchased for specific lessons, units of study in science social studies, and math, or for various holidays. The books for holidays are put in order by the school year - I've pulled two of them out to show you their spot on the shelf, while the other books are sorted by topic on other shelves. 

Here are some of my binders. Everything I use are in binders, and pictured here are some of my language arts binders. (I'm color coding them by subject area.) I have torn out the pages of some of my favorite resource books, hole-punched them, and placed the pages behind dividers in some of these binders, while others have reading units and language arts activities. 

This picture shows my unit binders (all are in white). These binders have activities that are designed for a specific month or are part of my science and social studies units. Everything in these binders are in page protectors (I should have stock in them!) and in a particular order, so that I work through my binder throughout the month (or months). In my picture I have the activities that I use for Ready, Set, School (that we'll do when school begins), along with my Johnny Appleseed puppet for my apple unit in September. 

These next two pictures show my collection of stickers and how they are also organized in page protectors in binders. I saw this somewhere and can't remember where. If it was you, please let me know so I can give you credit! The stickers are sorted by holiday (Halloween here) and even by size and style (see below). I am amazed how quickly I can find the perfect sticker! 

Want to link up?  Post your ideas (the actual post, not your blog) below.  I hope you get some fabulous ideas!

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