Setting up the *new* classroom

We have several new teachers coming to our school this year, due to a school closing nearby. So ... I moved classrooms. Since I've been teaching summer school, I have been able to unpack, organize, arrange, and rearrange.  Here's what it looks like so far.

I found magnetic hooks in the spring and they are perfect for hanging my sight word cards on and placing on the air conditioner! I need to get some more for my sight word phrases!

Tubs of books and a "friend" to read to! Along with our 3 school wide rules.

Inside my closet. Most classrooms in our building have a closet. This will be my first year to share a closet - to the left of this first picture is my teaching partner's space! 

This is also inside my closet - across from the counter in the above picture. I'm trying to take advantage of every inch of space since I will have 25 desks in my classroom!

One of my favorite ideas is to tape my crafts to the inside of the cabinet doors. They stay there neatly so I don't lose them from year to year.

Another one of my crafts, along with a peek into one of the cabinets with books.

I still have 17 days until returning for our first professional development day! Hope you have longer than I!

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