Week One -- Done!

We stayed BUSY in my first grade classroom this week!  When you have 23 6-year-olds, you must have a plan or they will eat you alive!  Click {here} to see my post earlier this week about several of our projects.

From Pinterest - this is a quick way to create a graph based on a given question.  One of my kiddos said that we should do this every day so we know who is at school.  Now I have to come up with 175 more yes/no questions so that I have one question for each day left in the year!!  Click {here} to see the original pin.

I am SO excited about the little box that arrived at my home last night from Classroom Friendly Supplies.
My new pencil sharpener!

the broken pencils

sharpening the pencils

In under a minute, these 6 pencils were all sharpened!  With great points! :)

And we tried a colored pencil - it worked on this, too!
I had 3 different staff members trying out the new pencil sharpener in my classroom today!  They were all amazed!  Click {here} to go to Classroom Friendly Supplies' website to check it out for yourself!

Have a great weekend and rest up for next week!

Day 2 is in the books!

After a rough first day, the second day was much better!  My firsties have been busy ...
Our fish glyphs - we created by boy (blue) and girl (pink); car riders had colored pom pom balls and bus riders had cotton balls; and the number of stickers shows how old he/she is!
After reading There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books, we created the old lady and finished the sentence to tell me what is in his/her book bag.  The old lady pattern came from First Grade Wow.

Have a great Tuesday!

Overwhelmed already??

Anybody else overwhelmed?  I have had a difficult week going back, mainly because of the few hours that I have had to work in my classroom and the many hours that I have had in various trainings.

However, Monday is coming quickly, but Thursday is coming even faster - when my new kiddos and their parents come!  Lesson plans for the beginning of the year are always difficult, but due to Pinterest and various blogs, I have so many ideas running around my head!  The only area I haven't had ideas for is some creative writing responses.  Like most primary grade teachers, I have a lot of back-to-school themed books, so this idea came about.  Click {here} to get the packet.  I have also included a title page in case you would like to put all of writing pages together into a book.  {This might be a great writing activity to save for evidence of progress throughout the school year!}

My husband and I got back from visiting family and my sister-in-law took some great pictures of us; I had to share one!  Have a great rest of the week!

Back already?!

I was not ready to get up with my alarm this morning!  With all of the meetings and Responsive Classroom training, I had about 2 hours in my classroom.  I did get this done ...

Be sure to check out my post from last week.  Click {here} to view it, as I used one of the items in this post for my bulletin board.

With more trainings tomorrow and Wednesday, this is all for now!

back to school ideas

Well, it's here.  Whether we want it or not!  Back to school - buying new boxes of crayons and notebooks with crisp pages.  And early bedtimes and even earlier alarm clocks!  But, even better - a couple of freebies in celebration of my birthday!

I'm doing "Leap into Learning" with frogs for my theme this year.  Check out these letters for a bulletin board and name tags for your children's desks.  Click {here} for the bulletin board letters and click {here} for the name tags - both are freebies!

Here are the word cards for my schedule.  There are extra cards included for special events that might come up during the year.  I love that the clocks have both the analog and digital times to write in!  Click {here} to get these.

I am using one of my bulletin boards for words that are specific to that month.  There are 14 word cards along with 2 blank cards to make one with your name and one with the name of your school.  I have also included a header card that has the names of the months.  Click {here} to get the August and September packet from my TPT store.

Use these "Welcome Back!" letters on your classroom door or on a bulletin board.  I have made two sizes for you to choose from when you are ready to print.  Click {here} for this freebie from my TPT page.

Sorry for such a long post; I wanted to get as much in as I could before the year begins!

Check out this post on {Classroom Freebies}.

Math Freebie!

I am apparently on a math kick these past two weeks, because most all that I've written about (and created, for that matter) have been for math!

This freebie accompanies the 1st grade enVision math series that we use at my school.  Topic 2 is all about comparing and ordering numbers.  Click {here} to get the freebie from scribd.

choosing less than or greater than

ordering numbers - least, between, and greatest

using a number line to identify the number before, after, and in between
This freebie is on Freebie Friday on TBA.  Click {here} to go to their site.  Then on Monday, check out Classroom Freebies' Manic Monday for more fun things!  Click {here} to go to their site on Monday.

Product Swap!

Jessica Standford, from Mrs. Stanford's Class, is hosting a product swap!
I am paired up with Brandi from Success in Second Grade to check out her products.  I looked at her TPT store and chose "I have ... Who has?" synonym game.  There are 32 game cards in the activity.  Brandi has very clearly marked the beginning of the game
with "I have start." and ends with "Who has finish!"  This would be a great activity to put in a work station after playing it several times together.
And now for a peak into the activity ...
all of the cards have been laminated

 now ready to be cut

trimming the cards down

The cards are ready to go!
My firsties are going to love this activity!  It is a change to the word and picture matches that I have done in the past.
Check out Brandi's blog to see which of my products she has reviewed!  Click {here} or on her button below.  Be sure to check out her TPT store {here}!
Success in Second Grade


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