Halloween Mash Up

What a crazy week! We have been super busy with reading novels and researching about spiders, along with beginning our money unit in second grade and finishing our skip counting unit in first grade.

This week we broke out all of our Halloween centers and went to town!

Show and Tell Tuesday

I am linking up with Stephanie at Forever in Fifth for my Show and Tell Tuesday, all about fun October things!

Classroom Library

Books. {Insert sigh.} For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read. The worst punishment growing up was not being able to read and having extra chores. I wanted my students to have the same love for books that I did when I was their age. So during the summer I worked on organizing my books and leveling them. I had no idea how huge of a project that was going to be!

Making it Equal: Equality {Halloween} Unit for First Graders

I love teaching math, especially in math groups! This is my second year teaching a split class and now I think I have the hang of it down. One of my favorite parts is having my kiddos sitting around me as we work through our new skills. 

Some of the new things we have been working on are ...
even and odd

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