a beginning sound work station

For the most part, my firsties know all of their letter sounds, but it never hurts to review, especially when it's something fun!  Here's an activity to put in a work station.  Click {here}to view it in my store.

Provide the cards (there are 2 cards on a page; each letter has 5 pictures and there are 3 correct pictures for each letter EXCEPT for the letter x, which only has 2 correct pictures) and either clothespins or counters to cover the correct pictures which begin with the sound that matches the letter on the card.
the work station is ready
use either clothespins (top card) or counters (bottom card)

One of my reading groups played this activity this week.  They have mastered all beginning sounds, but we stepped it up a little for them.  After they covered the pictures, they grabbed a dry erase marker and a sentence strip board (found in the dollar section at Target!) to write a sentence using at least one of the pictures from each of their cards.  Here's some of their "work."

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