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Boy!  What a title!  Okay - diving right in!

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{2} - February is almost here!  Are you ready??  This set is priced at $8.00.  If you purchase other sets separately, you will spend $8.50 and not receive everything in the packet!  Click here to set the February Packet.  [Hint: there will be a sale on Sunday, February 3!]

My newly finished (77 page) February Packet is in my TpT store and includes ...
- calendar cards (AAB pattern with extra cards for holidays)
- February Words (February header and 23 key words on 7 different pages)
- February Words Roll, Read, and Cover (1 board)
- Roll, Add, & Cover (2 different boards for 2 dice and 3 dice)
- 14 picture puzzles on 10 different pages
- compound word cards matching game (8 pages with 3 sets of words on each page, for a total of 24 words)
- 3 pages of seat work using compound words (Build It, Draw It)
- 3 alphabetical order activities (February theme, Valentine's Day theme, and Dental Health theme)
- February Word Search
- 3 color sight word pages
- sight word game ("Don't Get a Cavity" - 22 pages; "special cards" make the game fun!)

I am offering 3 smaller sets if you don't want the whole packet.  
option A - sight word game - click here to see this set
option B - word activities - 10 pages of alphabetical order, word search, sight word color pages - click here to see this set
option C - word wall set - 23 words that cover February activities, including Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, and Dental Health Month themes - click here to see this set
{3} - What do you do when you have a substitute?  Or when something happens after school hours and you can't make it in to your room the next morning?  Well, over the last 11 years of teaching, I have had different systems of organizing my room and desk, but this one works best for me.

At the end of the day, I gather everything needed for the next day - books that we'll read and any hand outs we might complete, as well as my attendance cards, lunch count page, and substitute info folder.  
Then just before I turn off the lights, I try to remember to get the date on the board, as well as the Morning Message written.  Tomorrow my students will complete a writing assignment first thing instead of working on our Math Fair activities.  {More on Math Fair at a later date!}
What do you do to get ready for a substitute??

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  1. The new packet looks super cute! I have everything in a basket ready to go before I leave each day. It seems like when I'm sick I wake up that way and feel fine the night before.

    Lovin’ Kindergarten


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