Math Groups!

A couple of weeks ago two of our teachers shared how they observed math groups in action at a nearby school and have had them in action in their classrooms.  We decided to give it a try in first grade during our measurement unit! 

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are instruction days and Tuesday/Thursday are group days.

Monday's lesson was on ordering various objects by length and Wednesday's lesson was on estimating and measuring objects with nonstandard units.

Group Stations -
1.) seat work - can be leveled or a review activity
2.) center - an activity focusing on the skill being taught (I had a recording page at my centers for accountability)
3.) small group with teacher - the other teachers in my building have leveled groups, but for these lessons, I had the same activity (with a class of 23 with no adult help during math, I know hands-on activities in math are very challenging!)

Tuesday's Groups -
seat work - deciding which is taller or which is smaller

center - sorting pictures by size; recording page was included

small group - sorting various objects and describing using the words tallest and smallest

Thursday's Groups -
seat work - Annie Moffat's addition/subtraction scoops review activity
center - estimating and measuring objects in pictures using nonstandard units

small group - estimating and measuring objects using connecting cubes
I am using my Measure Up: A Measurement Packet for instruction and center activities.  Check out last week's post about this unit here and download the preview (with a freebie!) and purchase it here

Do you use math groups?  If so, do you do anything differently?  Leave an email address with your comment, as I am giving away one of my measurement packets to a commenter on Saturday morning!


  1. We don't but my son's school does. I just love the idea and want to do more but like every other teacher- I need more time!!!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. Your math groups look nicely organized! We pull small groups as needed for extra practice while the rest of our kiddos work on "Math Bags" (our homemade math centers). We're starting measurement now too!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. I use math groups every day. I do Cognitively Guided Instruction with my students, and it is important that I meet with them in small groups when doing word problems. I don't get to every group every day - but I always get to at least a couple. I'm always looking for rigorous activities for the rest of my class to work on while I am engaged with a small group. I will definitely use some of your resources!


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