Five for Friday: May 2nd

Happy Friday!  This means it's time for Five for Friday!

Here's what has happened this week ....
We used Mary Amoson (from Sharing Kindergarten)'s QR Scan and Learn: Insects pack.  The kids loved it!

 Have you heard of Go Noodle?  We had several days with LOTS of rain this week and Go Noodle saved us!  Here's some of my kiddos in front of our Smart Board.

We are using the SuperKids reading program.  The unit we will finish next week has diphthongs for the word work - so we practiced reading and using these words and spelling features today. 
tic-tac-toe (I found pink and blue button magnets at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago) using word cards
 and color/write word sort
We have been working on fractions in math this week.  Today we had math stations - one group went to the other first grade classroom to sort and match together fractions and fraction pictures.  The other group stayed in my room and we had a Write the Room activity (see picture).  Both of these activities are in my Fraction Mini Unit.
My husband and I are two weeks in to an eight week training to become foster/adoptive parents.  If we have all of our paperwork in order on the last night of class, the next day we are on the list to be called to have a child placed in our home.  This "if" has given us great motivation to complete and have everything ready to go!  Here is a picture of our bedroom.
The countdown is on - 15 more school days to go!
Have a great weekend!

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