a peek into our week ...

We have been busy!

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Here's a look into our week ...
 Our reading series, SuperKids, comes with nonfiction magazines for each unit.  My kids jumped right in on the first magazine and loved to read about different kinds of shoes!
 I am loving math centers this year!
 We jumped into reading groups this week, too!
 One of my reading groups was reading about different seasons.  We are writing about the different seasons in the blank books from Target's dollar section.
 We are adding using beads ...
... and number lines.
Yesterday at recess I realized that with the 4 adults outside, we had five radios!  Just made me laugh!
 This weekend is our second weekend for The Way's production of "Trapped: Human Beings Are Not Objects."  This is a 90 minute walk through drama.  The picture above is a peek into the Heaven scene.

Have a great weekend!

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