How Do You Do Birthdays?

Celebrating birthdays at school is extremely important! It is a way to show your children they are valued. You don't have to spend a lot of money ... we already spend a lot of $ ... to make it feel special to your little ones.

I always begin at the dollar store and rarely use candy or food since I prep my birthday bags at the beginning of the school year so I don't forget anyone's day!

Bubbles - they come three in a pack!
My children love the wristbands they can earn throughout the year. These are fun to get for your birthday!
 Do you know those great stickers that many pediatricians have to give out to their kiddos? My youngest especially loves them! I kept the back of the sticker after our last visit to check out how to get some of these for my students. SmileMakers has an amazing supply of various stickers! I found these birthday stickers - 100 for $5.99 - so they will last for several years! Click on the picture below or here to check out their supply!
I found these fun bags at Hobby Lobby this summer!
 Everything gathered on my table, ready to assemble bags.
 First bag ready to go!

I would love to hear how you celebrate birthdays!

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