Math Monday: Double Digit Addition and Subtraction

This past week, my second graders have continued to work on double digit addition with regrouping.
We did a quick review of addition without regrouping using this.

 Then we started into subtraction without regrouping. After lots and lots and lots of practice on dry erase boards and in our math notebooks, we were ready for this.

Then seriously two days later ... we were ready for double digit addition with regrouping! Lots and lots and lots of modeling and practicing and practicing and practicing!
We had so much fun checking our own work using this great product!
 The larger images are so distorted, so I had to keep them small. The QR codes kept my kids moving because they wanted to "be the teacher!"

Today we started subtraction with regrouping. I was pleasantly surprised that they did well! We practiced about 10 problems and several of them needed little support after the first 2 or 3!  I can't wait to use these later this week!

Check back tomorrow for a Featured Teacher Tuesday!  Have a great week!

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