Math Monday: Symmetry

Happy Monday! Here's another edition of Math Monday!

My second graders are busy in our symmetry unit! Here's what we've been up to!

We watched this as an introduction to symmetry.
Symmetry Book
Then we jumped into this great freebie from Create-abilities on symmetry. We are keeping a math notebook this year. The children attached this into their notebook to have a reference point. Some struggled with our first day, so I'm hoping they will check back during this unit.

Then today we began working on activities out of this great symmetry packet.

And we started looking at different pictures to decide if it has a line of symmetry. 
We worked on identifying which image shows a correct line of symmetry.
I just finished 3 sets of task cards and have them all put together in this pack. There are 12 cards with each set of cards and a recording page for each. Check out the symmetry packet here. I will give each person who comments below the pack! Leave me a message about what you are currently covering in math. Don't forget to leave your email! You have until Wednesday, February 3rd!

Have a great week!

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