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Meet Karen Wasdin from Silly Sam Productions!

She is a Baseball Mom from New Jersey and loves to watch her son play for the High School team and travel teams. Her husband is a Videographer/Photographer and she enjoys assisting him in producing sports and educational videos in his business, MoonGate Video Productions. They enjoy taking trips to MLB stadiums in different cities as well as finding beautiful places to capture animals in their natural habitats, with cameras ready at all times.
Karen has been teaching for 30 years in N.Y. and N.J. and has experience ranging from Pre-School to High School. She has spent most of her career teaching firsties and 2nd grade Basic Skills students.

MAKE LEARNING FUN! That is her philosophy and the key to keeping learners engaged, participating and remembering all their awesome educational experiences. "Good Happy Morning", is how she greets her first graders on each new school day!

“A classroom is an amazing place.” she says. “Actually watching the learning process in action is incredible!” She also loves writing curriculum and studying Brain-Based Learning. Her specialties include Cooperative Learning, Behavior Management, Motivation and Differentiation. Inspiring learners and making learning fun is her life's journey.
Finding ways to help her young learners understand the trickiest concepts has driven her to create multi-sensory approaches and engaging lessons that MAKE LEARNING FUN! These techniques can be found in her products at TpT.

Color-Coded Mental Math Addition and Subtraction Posters use the color-coding technique to help learners make connections to math strategies.

Point of View is an integrated Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop unit that has students look at the story of the Three Little Pigs through the eyes of different characters. Then they do the same with their own personal narrative about their first day of school. This helps them truly discover and empathize with others and recognize feelings other than their own.

Short and Long Vowel Super Bundle Package is an extensive unit covering the heart of the first grade phonics curriculum. Word Houses use patterning chunks and vowel sounds to help students become stronger readers and writers. Creating their own Vowel Books helps students celebrate all that they have learned.

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