Joy Cowley contest: Barbie the Lamb

I have had the privilege of reading some new books by Joy Cowley, featuring the characters Mr. Whisper and Barbie.

I featured Mr. Whisper in a post last week. If you didn't see the post, click here.

Mr. Whisper

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Today I'm sharing about Barbie the Lamb.
Barbie the Lamb

Joy Cowley Collection Barbie the Wild Lamb
In Barbie, the Wild Lamb, we are introduced to Barbie. She is Anna's pet lamb and is anything but tame! Anna takes Barbie to the sheep field to learn how to be a good lamb, but it doesn't work. The other sheep can't teach her because she is too wild. When they leave her, Barbie cries. When she hears a big dog in the field, Barbie goes to investigate and finds the sheep are being chased by the dog. Because Barbie is a wild lamb, she isn't scared of the dog and chases him off, saving the other sheep!

The mini-lessons you could cover using this book include punctuation, vocabulary, summarizing, and making predictions.

Joy Cowley Collection Barbie at Pet Day
In Barbie at Pet Day, Anna takes Barbie to Pet Day at school. Anna tells Barbie to be a good lamb. Barbie doesn't seem to be capable of being a good lamb, as she destroys everything around her, including biting dogs and eating muffins in the teacher's lounge. When Anna tells her that she is a bad lamb, she takes Barbie home. By this point, Barbie is exhausted from the day and falls asleep, being a good lamb.

The mini-lessons in this book could include synonyms, punctuation, summarizing, and consequences of choices.

Joy Cowley Collection Barbie's Coat
In Barbie's Coat, Anna tries to cut Barbie's long woolly coat. But since Barbie is a wild lamb, naturally Barbie is going to cause some trouble! Anna's father is able to keep her still long enough to cut the wool. Anna's mother spins the wool to make it into yarn. Anna and her mom use the yarn to knit a jacket for Anna. Anna likes her new jacket, but when Barbie sees it, she smells the jacket and notices that it doesn't smell like Anna, so she bites Anna on the bottom! {Remember, Barbie is wild!} Anna tries to grab Barbie, but since she's been trimmed, Barbie doesn't have a long coat for Anna to grab on to and escapes Anna!

The mini-lessons in this book include punctuation, making inferences, types of sentences, and making connections with the other Barbie books.

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Good luck!

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