Organize the Mess!

How can it be?? School in my district starts on August 15 and I return on the 5th, but at the same time I'm trying to still make the most of my time off!
I wanted to share some of my mini projects that I have had going in the living room this summer. I think my husband will be happy when I get all of this out of here!

When I taught fourth grade I leveled my books in my classroom library, but when moving down it was such a quick decision that I didn't have the time ... or take the time ... or have very many books to make it worthwhile - then ... until I saw how many books I really have!
So this summer I started bringing home bags of books slowly and using a couple different apps to level the books and start tagging my books.

The first app is Scholastic Book Wizard (see the blue arrow in the image below). You can either scan the bar code or type in the name of the book. The second app is Level It Books (see the green arrow), which is a paid app. You can also scan or type in the title of the book, but you can also include the ISBN number, which helped me with additional results.
I then used small colored stickies in the corner of each book to put the reading level and then created my own labeling system to match exactly what I had in my classroom library and what I knew I needed. I purchased just a few book bins from Target because I found bundles through Classroom Direct. This is the second load of books - the first was more that double this size! I'm heading back into the classroom later in the week and once I have a chance to put the library together, I'll take some pictures and do a post on how it looks!
My second project this summer was to do a little prep work for my combination class. I taught a combo first/second last year and it will be the same again this coming year, but I have known about it this time! I wanted to be ready for the beginning of the year and have a few math and grammar units ready to go so I didn't have to think about it once the year started! In all of the units, after I laminated and cut things the way I wanted, I then ordered the plastic storage units to keep them organized the way that works best for me. 

I have tossed all of my folders! I am moving more and more of my things to plastic storage containers so that when we are working on a specific unit I don't have to work out of a binder. It is making my life a lot easier! I started switching things over in the spring. These first two pictures are of my fact families unit that my second graders will be working on in September. The task cards are in the 5x7 picture containers. I had ordered the stickers to label the book bins and had extras so I decided to use them to label these containers, too! I just think they are so stinkin' cute and love how they turned out! 

 With these next 3 pictures, I have the anchor charts, sorting cards, and any black and white printables in the file cases, as pictured here in the blue container. Any task cards will go inside the photo card containers as seen above and labeled. What I love about these containers is that they fit perfect inside my filing cabinet drawers!
Isn't this so cute to have out ready for a group to have come to you?!
These are the activities I have purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers to use with my second graders that I featured in today's post ...
Possessive Nouns
Proper Nouns
Pronoun activities, task cards, and flip flap resources

Check back to see my classroom library!

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