Double Digit Subtraction

A couple of posts ago I shared that my second graders were working on double digit addition and subtraction. Well, we are 4 full days into subtraction with borrowing. We do a quick review each day before beginning the lesson. 

Last week when I introduced this, we started using unifix cubes - our best friend!

First we built the number on top of the problem - 37.
When we saw that we couldn't take 8 away from 7, we borrowed from the tens and broke it up into 10 cubes.
Then we changed the numbers on the top of our problem to show what we have using the unifix cubes.
And now time to start subtracting! 
17 - 8 = 9
And 2 - 1 = 1
We have tried writing the problems on our own, but some of my children have sloppy handwriting and writing the problems on their own is challenging and frustrating, so I quickly put this together to help alleviate some of that frustration.

Check out this low prep double digit subtraction unit. 3 pages of just printables and 20 half-page colored cards with recording pages, perfect for a math center or use as part of your math groups!

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