Number Sense {comparing numbers}

Number sense ... something so very important for our younger students to understand smaller numbers or else they won't understand much larger numbers.
We are in a month long place value/number sense unit in our math curriculum. We have covered place value, value of a number through the hundreds place, rounding to the nearest ten, and comparing numbers. I created this little unit as a Christmas freebie for you! Click on one of the images or here to download it.
Included are 24 task cards. I have a large class this year and wanted to be sure that there were enough cards for Scoot and that each child had his/her own card.
And a recording page.
Need practice with rounding? Check this out!
This is one of the printables in my rounding unit.
And I found this amazing resource on TpT for rounding. It's differentiated and I used this particular page for my entire class and then for enrichment used some of the more challenging activities.
Or practice with 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, and 100 less? Check this out! {This is what we're going to do once we get back to school from our snow!}

And for those of you who haven't had snow yet, enjoy these pictures from our snow in central Virginia!

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