Sight Words

This week has been all about sight words in summer school.  Each child has a library pocket in their notebook with the 5-10 words he is working on.  Everyone's words are different based on how they did on the pretest.

This kiddo is building his new words using magnet letters - on the AC unit!

These next pictures are all with the same kiddo - these are his new words (he had 5+ stars on each of his last cards, so I wrote the next 5 for him).  He is building the words with letters ...

 ... he then read each word back to me and got them correct ...
 ... I wrote the words into his notebook and he's finding the correct stamp to build the words again.
This kiddo is doing rainbow words - each letter in the word has a different color; he then is going back to draw a picture to go with the word.  For has, he drew a picture of something that he "has in his hand."  I thought it was great - most kids would skip that word.

I tried to create as many sentences out of these words as possible and wrote them on sentence strips so we could play "Slap!"  I call out a word and the first (two teams) to slap the word with a fly swatter gets a point.  They are quickly scanning the sentences to find the word, but whispering the other words to themselves!

I am pleased with the progress they have made in just a few days.  Sometimes it is hard to see much growth in eight days (and during the summer!), but this group of kids is working hard!

I hope you get some new ideas on sight word reinforcement!




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