Overwhelmed already??

Anybody else overwhelmed?  I have had a difficult week going back, mainly because of the few hours that I have had to work in my classroom and the many hours that I have had in various trainings.

However, Monday is coming quickly, but Thursday is coming even faster - when my new kiddos and their parents come!  Lesson plans for the beginning of the year are always difficult, but due to Pinterest and various blogs, I have so many ideas running around my head!  The only area I haven't had ideas for is some creative writing responses.  Like most primary grade teachers, I have a lot of back-to-school themed books, so this idea came about.  Click {here} to get the packet.  I have also included a title page in case you would like to put all of writing pages together into a book.  {This might be a great writing activity to save for evidence of progress throughout the school year!}

My husband and I got back from visiting family and my sister-in-law took some great pictures of us; I had to share one!  Have a great rest of the week!

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