Week One -- Done!

We stayed BUSY in my first grade classroom this week!  When you have 23 6-year-olds, you must have a plan or they will eat you alive!  Click {here} to see my post earlier this week about several of our projects.

From Pinterest - this is a quick way to create a graph based on a given question.  One of my kiddos said that we should do this every day so we know who is at school.  Now I have to come up with 175 more yes/no questions so that I have one question for each day left in the year!!  Click {here} to see the original pin.

I am SO excited about the little box that arrived at my home last night from Classroom Friendly Supplies.
My new pencil sharpener!

the broken pencils

sharpening the pencils

In under a minute, these 6 pencils were all sharpened!  With great points! :)

And we tried a colored pencil - it worked on this, too!
I had 3 different staff members trying out the new pencil sharpener in my classroom today!  They were all amazed!  Click {here} to go to Classroom Friendly Supplies' website to check it out for yourself!

Have a great weekend and rest up for next week!

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  1. I have heard lots of great things about that same sharpener! My electric sharpener actually scares some of my kiddos so I may have to invest in this one!

    Miss Allison's Class


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