I'm Still Here!

I have been ridiculously busy this fall!  In addition to the beginning of the school year, I have been the assistant director for our Judgement House outreach at my church.  I have made some amazing friends and saw God work in even more amazing ways!  I am sad that it is over, but am enjoying the little bit of extra time that I now have.
the leadership team {I'm in the middle of the front row!}
I have created this mini capital letter unit for my firsties.  At the beginning of the year they struggle with using capital letters throughout the entire word ... or no capital letters at all!

Get this unit by visiting Scribd.  Click {here} to get it!

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  1. This is perfect for my class since we have been talking about when to use capital letters. Thank you!! :)

    Please check out my blog when you have the chance!



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