Happy October!

It's all October for this post!  Here is the October Packet that I have spent several sessions working on. 

includes 22 October/fall/Halloween themed words to use in a bulletin board or include in your word work station

also includes 8 words for word work activities

a syllable activity (includes a recording page)

calendar cards (AABB pattern, #1-31, holiday and special cards, with 2 blank cards)

9 picture puzzles with October themes
This is in my TPT store.  Click {here} to get yours today!

My October Picture Puzzles are free to you - my readers!  Click {here} to grab yours!
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  1. I'm excited about the calendar cards. Thank you!

  2. Hello! I just BOO'D you! Check out my post about it. As a treat for being BOO’d we are supposed to give away things from our TpT store…however I don’t have a store and I offer everything free on my blog. BUT if you see something in a picture or have something in mind you have been looking for I would be happy to check my school files and email you whatever you would like!

    Miss Allison's Class


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