TPT Sale and a Math Freebie

It is time for a sale!  Click on the picture to go to my TPT store.

DiceMy firsties have been working very hard on learning addition facts.  There are only so many ways to teach these, so I have to be creative so I don't lose their attention!  We love using number cubes and they have become very responsible in the recent weeks.  Granted, I have my number cubes inside of various containers, but they still have done a great job!  So they are ready to step it up with a new activity.  These activity pages are great for a math center or part of Friday Fun - one of my favorite times of the week: math games are being played all over the room.

As you can see, the activity pages are all the same, except for the images at the bottom.  Click {here}to get your free copy!

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  1. Love that you put the dice inside of other containers! Brilliant:)
    Shining and Sparkling in First Grade

  2. Cute idea! I also like putting my dice into small empty Fiji water bottles. They usually dry out fairly quickly after they are empty. I put foam dice inside of them and then place the lid back on the bottle. They work well since they have flat sides and the labels peel off very easily, which allow for the dice to be seen. Thank you again for sharing!

    Kristina K.


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