Monday Made It! {August 4}

Happy Monday!

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My husband's birthday was on Friday and my sister and I spent most of the summer planning a surprise party for him.  I wanted pom poms, but wasn't willing to pay for them, especially when my sister said she knew how to make them!
 First unfold a set of tissue paper.  You will need 10 pieces.  I bought packs at Target.
 Accordion fold the paper back and forth and then tie a long piece of ribbon in the middle.  Be sure you knot it tightly.
 We cut the ends of the paper - we did triangle cuts, but you could round the edges.
 Start in the middle and carefully pull each piece apart.  This takes a little bit of time so the tissue doesn't tear.
Fluff the pieces as you go.
Here's the one I finished!
Here's how they looked.  We decided to try to make a smaller one.  Once we had the pieces of paper unfolded from the package, we cut them down into a square instead of rectangle and then followed all of the steps above.  This made the finished pom pom just a little bit smaller and I actually liked that one best!

After we finished these, I went to the store and got lime green tissue paper to make one for the corner of my bulletin board.  We aren't supposed to have three dimensional things in our classroom, but I hope I can use it on my welcome back board.

Have a great week!

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