Monday Made It: Meet the Teacher

Happy Monday!  I'm linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for 

One of Tara's projects a couple of weeks ago was a "Meet the Teacher" board.  I LOVED her idea and wanted to make one for me! :)

I went to Michael's and bought a corkboard and used fun wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby to cover the board.
 Then I hot glued on a 6 foot pink feather boa around the edges.  {After I finished and held the board up, I realized I didn't get the boa glued on very well.  Be sure to use a lot of glue and push the feathers into the glue.}
 I added a hot pink flower and an "H" for my last name.  I used hot glue for attaching both of these.
 I made a little sign and had a bunch of photos of my family and teaching friends.  I put those on various scrapbooking pieces and laminated them.  I stapled everything to the board.
I love how it looks and it's a great way for my new firsties to see me as a person and not just their teacher! :)

I had extra pictures (because how can you choose?!), along with a little bit of space on a nearby wall, so this happened on Friday, even though I had a lot else to do!
Have a great week!  Our kiddos begin on Thursday!

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  1. That board is so cute! I have a few pictures in my room, but I like the idea of having them on a meet the teacher board!

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