Math Monday: 1st Grade Magnitude Lessons

Happy New Year!
Sylvester, New Year'S Day, Fireworks, New Year'S Eve
We spent Christmas and New Year's in Indianapolis with my husband's family, including a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo for Christmas at the Zoo!

Yes, that's my husband touching a dog shark!
Okay, back to real life ...

My first graders are learning about estimation when looking at a group of objects and then decide if there are 3, 30, or 300. Or perhaps there are 7, 70, or 700 M&Ms in the bag. Or perhaps 2, 20, or 200 pencils in the box.

We started by using this Smart Board activity I found on Smart Exchange. Do you know of Smart Exchange?? If not, it's free to join! Download Smart Board activities to use in your classroom. I love it!

Anyway ... here's a glimpse into the activity, along with the link.
Estimation Station

This week we plan to complete some of these activities in centers and small groups.

These are in my magnitude pack. Click on the images or here to find it on TpT!
We finished up our lesson with sorting these candy pictures by 2, 20, or 200. We made category headings in our math notebook and then the children cut, sorted, and glued them down under the headings. Click on the image to download your own!
Here's links to some of the fabulous magnitude activities I am using this week!
Magnitude Mini Unit for Primary Grades

Reasonable Magnitude


I hope you have a great week! Check back tomorrow for Featured Teacher Tuesday!

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