summer school part 2

Earlier this week I wrote about returning to school for a couple weeks of summer school. It has helped my teacher heart so much to be back!
School District of Somerset - Summer School
Some of the ELA activities that we have worked on have been a reinforcement of CVC and short vowel sounds.

We worked on stamping (I gave my students their own set of stamps and a stamp pad and then cleaned them afterwards) and reading short vowel passages. [Note: I used a marker to model what they were going to do with their stamps. The directions don't say anything about stamps in case you can't use yours or don't have enough.]
These reading passages from A Teachable Teacher are some of my favorite and go-to activities for phonics. She has made them digital versions in case you are teaching virtually this fall. 
And we have used some of my short vowel activities that I have made over the years. Here's some pictures of our work.

One of the first things we cover in spelling/word study when we return to school are short vowel sounds. Here's some of the activities that we will do.
Short Vowel Unit

And we practiced reading and solving word problems. Here's one of the pages that we worked on today. Click on the picture below or HERE to download a set of the word problems. I've also included the CVC word pages above in this download.
I hope the freebie will help as you return to the classroom or teach virtually. And enjoy what time you have left of the summer!

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