Five for Friday: testing edition

Happy Friday!
I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my Five for Friday.

This week continued our state testing in our building and I continued to help out, even though I teach firsties.  Lots of sitting!

I stopped Tuesday morning at one of our drive thru coffee shops for an iced coffee - needed the caffeine so I wouldn't fall asleep!

The mom of one of my sweet firsties makes bows.  Here's the 2 I purchased from her as gifts for my niece.  Aren't they cute?!

I started/finished several activities this week. Here's a peek.

community helpers unit
money book for teaching spending and saving
One of our fourth grade teachers does zumba with her class just before one of their tests to get them awake.  A bunch of us jumped in with her and did what we could!  Andrea from Reading Toward the Stars is with us, too!
some of our teachers and staff just before today's testing

The first two to leave a comment will receive EITHER my money book (with anchor charts) or community helpers unit.  Be sure to leave your email address!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I would love the money unit. And the bows are adorable!


  2. Zumba is so much fun! I may splurge and buy me some videos for the summer! Great picture!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  3. One of my friends is having her kinders perform a zumba dance for their graduation! HA! I have two left feet and as soon as I learn a routine, they change it. Looks like fun!

  4. That coffee drink looks SOOO good! I could use one right now! I'm a new follower!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade


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