vacation wrap-up and math freebie

Yesterday's post included several pictures from the Natural History Museum in DC.  I have a couple more to share today.
Josh and I at the World War II memorial
view from the Lincoln Memorial
 waiting outside the National Archives
We had a wonderful time away and already have plans made for our next trip to DC!
This week I didn't take pictures of our summer school activities, since we are playing the same activities!  We continue to work on addition and subtraction activities using some of my new centers. 

Since my children have loved this unit so much and are becoming more fluent in the addition and subtraction facts, I am giving this to you!  Click here or on one of the unit pictures above to open yours!
Have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of your summer!
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  1. Hello, I am a new follower. I also noticed that you are a Virginia blogger... did you see that we are having a VA blogger meetup? Check Mrs. Stamp's blog for more details. Stop on by my blog when you get a chance.
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    1. I have seen about the meetup, but it's too far for me to make it this time. :( Thanks for stopping by!


  2. The "click here" bring you up to a $4 product. Thanks.

    1. Susan,
      Thanks for letting me know! I've corrected it.



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