Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  Today I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for my Five for Friday!

1. Two of my nephews and a niece (the ones that live here in town, minus the new baby) stopped at our house last night to trick-or-treat.  So glad they came!
2. We have been working on shapes in math.  Yesterday - since the day was already going to be crazy - we made our shape people!

3. Our reading series (SuperKids by Rowland Reading) has a non-fiction magazine with each unit.  We read "Bubbles" today, so we HAD to play after reading!  The children tried to see how big they could get their bubble - check out this picture! We read that if your hands are wet, you can touch a bubble!   The article said that bubbles will drift up if the air is warm and will sink if the air is cold.   We tried next to the air conditioner and on the far side of the room (where it was warmer) to see if it was true.

4. We are getting ready to start our next reading unit, which includes 6 memory words that they will need to spell correctly.  Andrea Crawford from Reading Toward the Stars, is the reading specialist at my school.  She had sets of cards made for the children in her small group with liquid glue to trace.  All of the students made their own set of cards today!  They wrote the word first with a marker, then traced it using a bottle of liquid glue.  We spread them out in the hallway to dry and will use them first thing Monday morning! 
5. A nurse from one of the local hospitals came to talk about careers in the medical profession.  She brought some puppet friends along with her.  She had special programs for our kindergarten, first, and second grade classes.  The kids loved it and are very interested in medical jobs now!
Several of my kiddos are really struggling with short vowel sounds and I quickly pulled together a few colored picture cards and 3 printables.  These will be part of my seatwork next week!  Click here or on the image below to grab a set!
Hope you have a great weekend!

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