What is your favorite frindle color?

Thanks, Andrea!  Andrea at Reading Toward the Stars and I are sharing about Frindle today!

Frindle?  What is a frindle?  Well ... we are reading Frindle by Andrew Clements for our Community Read.  Our school and public library have created a reading program to include our parents in reading with the school.  Each family received a copy of Frindle along with a schedule to read between one and two chapters each evening.  Questions are asked each morning on our announcements from the previous evening's reading for children and faculty/staff to answer, hoping for a chance to win a prize!

When I taught 4th grade, Frindle was one of my favorite novels!  We read it almost every year and I loved the story more and more as the years passed.  This story has great vocabulary words: monopoly, reputation, origin, acquainted, launch, oath, forbid, overreact, vandalism, mastermind, consumers, and rascal.  One year I asked my children to write letter to the author, Andrew Clements.  I wish I had made copies of some of them, as the children shared how much they loved the story and now wanted to read without being told!  We received a letter in return, along with this for the front of my copy of Frindle!  Needless to say, the kids went nuts!

A few years ago our staff development was based on the QTL model.  We were asked to create an activity to use in our classroom out of a box.  Here is what I made.  {The above picture is also part of the box.}  This is a fantastic idea for a book report!
You could also have your children write a summary on another side or his/her favorite part.

I have a freebie to share with you, in case you use this story.  One of my assignments was to have the children create an advertisement to sell frindles.  Click on the image below or here to grab yours!

If you haven't read Andrea's post about Frindle, please click here to go to her blog!


  1. Such a fun book! Just finished reading tonight's assignment to Zack. He is enjoying it!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. I just came across your post, and am thankful for the freebie you've attached. Frindle is one of my favorite books, and it's a part of our new reading adoption this year! Thanks for the assignment idea!


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